Snowmobile Rules Ontario

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Half of all fatal snowmobile accidents in Canada are alcohol- or drug-related (1). You will also need liability insurance to drive your snowmobile off your property. Carry the insurance card you received from the snowmobile insurance company and show it if asked to do so by a police officer. If someone else uses your snowmobile with your consent, you are both responsible for any penalties, damages or injuries that may occur. Motorcyclists and passengers must wear an approved snowmobile helmet. In Ontario, it is illegal to operate snowmobiles on many public roads and highways. In some areas, you are allowed to drive on the emergency lane next to the road, unless you can get to a snowmobile trail by other means. You enter when you operate your snowmobile on private property without the owner`s permission. The owner is not required to install a « No Trespassing » sign. If you are operating your snowmobile on private property, you will need to stop and identify yourself if requested to do so by the police, the property owner or a representative of the owner. If you are asked to vacate the property, you must do so immediately. Speed limits are lower on snowmobile roads than on cars, and on trails you should adjust your speed to weather and trail conditions.

An MSVOL is issued by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation. You must successfully complete the snowmobile operator training to obtain a driver`s licence. (Learn more about obtaining a motorized boat licence. If you get caught, you could face consequences such as driver`s license suspension, fines, vehicle seizure, and more. For more information, see For roads and highways on which you are authorized to operate an ATV, you must meet all registration and operating requirements, and your vehicle must comply with all equipment requirements listed in the Highway Traffic Act and the Highway Traffic Act on off-highway vehicles. Keep the following rules in mind: SUVs and snowmobiles are popular forms of recreation for many people in Ontario. They are also needed for transportation in remote areas and in case of emergency. But these vehicles are not toys. If you intend to use them, you need to know how they work, how to drive them safely in different situations, and how Ontario laws apply to them. Unless prohibited, you are allowed to operate your snowmobile on public roads and to move as far away from the road as possible in the section between the emergency lane and the fence. Local communities can issue ordinances regulating or prohibiting snowmobiles anywhere within their boundaries on or off public roads.

Make sure you know the municipal bylaws of the community where you plan to snowmobile. It`s important to be careful about the path you`re taking because you don`t want to hit someone else, especially a machine, and cause an accident or injury on a snowmobile. Before heading out on Ontario`s snowmobile trails, please consider the following tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride: Before each ride, check your snowmobile to make sure it is in good condition. Your life may depend on it. Here`s how: Once all this is settled, you can take your snowmobile with you on all snowmobile trails, on private property (with permission) and on the side of public roads. Never drive on highways, paved roads where cars travel, or private property without the owner`s permission. These signs warn drivers that snowmobiles are allowed to cross the road. Careful preparation for each trip is an important part of snowmobiling safely. Check local weather forecasts and ice conditions before you leave, as they can change within hours. Avoid travelling on unmarked frozen lakes and rivers.

Be sure to tell someone where you`re going to travel and when you expect to be back. Use the buddy system; Do not drive your snowmobile alone and always ride according to your abilities and conditions. An MSVOL is a licence issued by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs that allows you to drive snowmobiles on hiking trails.

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