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Belonging to the galaxy of the agro-industrial group Sanam Agro, Unimer Group is the leader of the seafood sector in Morocco and its ambition is to join the circle of leaders in this sector on a global scale.

Leading Moroccan exporter of canned sardines and anchovies by dedicating 90% of its production

toexport, the Group and its 5 000 employees in subsidiaries, both in Morocco and abroad, are dedicated to maintain a sustained dynamic of innovation of its brands, the fidelity of its consumers, the expansion of its markets and the conquest of new customers as well as new partners.



Unimer Group is the result of 18 mergers


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    Siège social de Unimer Group
  • Présence commerciale du Groupe à l’international
  • 33 Sites de production au Maroc
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    2 Plateformes logistiques
  • 5 Sociétés commerciales à l’étranger
  • 3 Sites de production et de conditionnement à l’étranger

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Being fully aware of the importance of its role in the ecosystem where it gravitates and measuring the weight of its responsibilities towards society, the environment, customers, partners, employees and shareholders, Unimer Group operates according to a culture based on three shared core values:

Commitment: Integrating Unimer Group assumes for its employees a constant commitment expressed daily in many ways, in order to provide the company with the best expertise for a perfect understanding of customer expectations therefore giving them a fair response.

Solidarity: Instilling more solidarity in the Group comes through building a common and shared project. This value is our human resources anchor point, whose mobilization in the service of the business project is flawless.

Vision: The culture of the company is fundamentally oriented towards the future and the prospective. Its vision is focused on creating new products, opening new markets, winning new customers and applying new industrial methods and innovative technologies.



For several decades, Unimer Group has established itself as one of the world’s leading seafood specialists. Thanks to an integrated approach of the entire value chain allowing the control of the product at each stage of production, the Group has become a reference on the national level but also internationally in many countries, in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Similarly, the broad diversification of the business sectors in which it operates allows it to consolidate its current position as a leader in canning and semi-canning. Among the Group’s other strategies are the desire to control supplies of sardines and mackerel, by having its own fishing resources, as well as the desire to boost activity, by making strategic acquisitions such as La Monegasque or Vanelli and also by carrying out projects of industrial establishment abroad like the one operated in Mauritania.

All of the Group’s products are subject to stringent quality control based on a HACCP plan. This high quality requirement is consubstantial with all the brands marketed by the Group.

Slide This is the sector of canned sardines and mackerel processing and production.
A wide range of products is marketed under different brands («Titus», «Princess», «Madrigal», «Pikarome», «Leroy», «Walima» and «Glofi»),both on the local and export market (Africa, Europe, UK, USA, Latin America and the Middle East). The high quality of Unimer products is achieved by obtaining several certifications (IFS, BRC, EFSIS, Friend of the Sea, OR, MSC and Halal).
Slide The sector of semi-preserved anchovies transformation and production, offers very wide ranges of products and varied recipes. The products are marketed under the Group’s own brands and under those of the distributor partners: «La Monegasque», «Vanelli», «Belmonte», «Provençal Conserveries», «Cresca», «Jean Gui» and «Famosa». The distribution network has a strong international presence. The same certifications have been awarded to this sector: IFS, BRC, EFSIS, FDA, MSC, Friend of the Sea, OU and Halal. Slide The fish farming sector has recently become part of Unimer Group’s business scope. This new business is developed as a joint venture with the Moroccan Catalan Aquaculture Company (SMCA), a Catalan technical partner. The production unit is located in a 160-hectare concession in Dakhla Bay, where oysters, clams and mussels are raised. Slide The fish farming sector has recently become part of Unimer Group’s business scope. This new business is developed as a joint venture with the Moroccan Catalan Aquaculture Company (SMCA), a Catalan technical partner. The production unit is located in a 160-hectare concession in Dakhla Bay, where oysters, clams and mussels are raised. Slide Produced from fresh pressed and ground fish, fishmeal and fish oil are originally a way to take advantage of canning byproducts.
This sector is supported by «Unimer Proteine», which is responsible for collecting non-machinable fish waste and upgrading it through effective treatment. This recycling allows to optimize intra-group synergies and to preserve the environment, one of the group’s main commitments. Its production is intended for both the local and international market.
Slide The freezing activity is a part of Unimer Group’s diversification strategy in the seafood business. It is used by the group’s subsidiaries and contributes to the development of synergies between the various units. It is carried by the «Delimar 2» factory located in Agadir, as well as by a unit located in Dakhla, «Optifish»

Slide A quality label for over 80 years of existence, the Titus brand occupies a privileged position on the national and international market. Titus has received several awards such as the Morocco Awards in 2014, the International Brand of the Year Award by WIPO and the African Product Awards in Nigeria. Slide Princess sardines are fished at the best time of the season, hand-made and nested. They are ideally savored as an appetizer or an entree, or on buttered bread. This Sardine is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and Omega 3. Slide Madrigal sardines are sardines with tender and generous flesh, they have been rigorously hand selected and prepared. They are sardines with a soft texture, well preserved and melty. With a slightly elevated taste, they are a real treat for gourmets ! Slide Walima recipes are originated from authentic homemade sauces. Rich in flavors with a unique taste to create a memorable tasting experience that will take you on a discovery journey of Moroccan cuisine. Slide Natural and artisan products of incomparable quality to sublimate your cuisine. As an aperitif, as an accompaniment to dishes or to complete a sauce ! Slide Launched in 2016, Belmonte Gourmet is composed of a rich variety of products offering an exquisite taste of ancestral anchovy recipes and Mediterranean marinated vegetables. Slide The Monegasque brand was created in 1942 in Monaco, to come under the umbrella of Unimer Group a few decades later and become a real reference of quality in the international seafood market. The brand offers a wide range of salted and marinated anchovy recipes, as well as a range of grilled and marinated vegetables created and prepared in the respect of the ancestral tradition”. Slide Vanelli carefully selects the fish and vegetables it uses to develop its recipes in its own industrial units. Traceability and permanent controls occur at all stages of the production process and give the brand the reliability expected by its consumers.


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