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Accordingly, the brand, trade name and technical model of the mobile phone should appear. If you have purchased a mobile phone or are considering buying it, you should first check IMEI Ecuador as it is possible that the phone is not legal and has been stolen as declared lost and you need to make sure that it is a legal phone. You can view the IMEI of a mobile phone (international identity of a mobile device, 15-digit code) both physically and logically. To report a stolen phone in Ecuador, you must first lock it through your connection operator if it has been stolen: once the process is complete, return to the top link for ARCOTEL tucelularlegal.arcotel.gob.ec/ your legal mobile phone to check the IMEI of your mobile phone and view the updated status. If not approved, there is no guarantee that the mobile phone will connect and function properly on the country`s mobile networks. You should have the mobile phone documentation ready to create a report when you contact the operator, who will ask you a few questions to check the line record and then lock the mobile phone. You can check if a mobile phone in ARCOTEL is reported as stolen via the phone`s IMEI: If your mobile phone is not approved and you are wondering how to homologate a mobile phone in Ecuador, I will now explain below how to do it. Yes! Sure, but remember that unlocking or unlocking a cell phone is independent of the flight report. When you unlock a mobile phone, you can use it on any network or global carrier other than the original one. Even though the mobile phone is free, you probably won`t be able to make or make calls until you solve the report. If the mobile phone is free/unlocked, in some cases it can work fine and you can even make calls. However, this is not guaranteed. It is always recommended to resolve the report before trying to use a mobile phone on a new network.

For the mobile phone to be legal, the two IMEIs must match, ie the one printed on the box, the SIM card or under the battery of the same and the one of consultation on the choice I mentioned. After blocking it through your online carrier, you can check the status of your mobile phone via the following direct link: With this app, you can also track reports to operating companies for theft and loss of mobile phones. If, after 24 hours after notification to the operator, the IMEI of the mobile phone does not appear in this database, he can write to reportaimei@osiptel.gob.pe or fill in the form visible in the online service. The Company must: (i) validate the identity of the Subscriber, (ii) verify the correspondence of the IMEI printed on the mobile phone with the virtual IMEI number displayed on the terminal when entering *#06#, and (iii) verify that the Subscriber`s SIM card corresponds to a service registered in its property and that it is connected to the terminal. Your operating company is obliged to interrupt the service at the same time and block the mobile phone immediately after notification. Arcotel imei are associated with brands and models of mobile phones, so if the code is not valid, it is important not to buy the device. Check if your device is in our database of reported mobile phones. Limited advice. Dear Carlos: According to current regulations, it is the responsibility of subscribers to report the theft, loss or theft of it to the merchant with whom a particular device is registered. In return, operators must receive and register their report, so that within a maximum period of 30 minutes, the service is suspended and, in turn, the terminal and the reported SIM card are blocked. Remember that the operator you are contacting must be the one where you activated the line you were using on the computer at the time of the flight. Before blocking, the operator will ask you several questions to check if you are the person who used the device.

If the operator does not receive your request, please enter your request in the following online form: www.gob.ec/arcotel/tramites/presentacion-reclamos-denuncias-sugerencias-solicitudes-informacion-servicios-telecomunicaciones Please describe all details: date and time of attention, type of attention (face-to-face or call center), if it is face-to-face, describe the place you visited, name of the person, you visited, or # of the treatment room. Finally, you can check the status of your mobile phone by entering the IMEI on the following webpage tucelularlegal.arcotel.gob.ec/tucelularlegal/ in the « Check IMEI Code » section. Find out if your phone can be unlocked. Recommended before buying a used phone. (v) the landline or mobile telephone number from which the theft or loss of the mobile phone is reported, if the report is made by telephone. To check if your mobile phone is registered as stolen, lost or if it has been unlocked when found, OSIPTEL has an online service available to all citizens « Check your IMEI », which allows appropriate consultations via the www.osiptel.gob.pe/sistemas/sigem.html link. In this case, operating companies must provide a written record of the notification of importers or distributors, indicating the corresponding code and IMEI code of the mobile phones to be blocked. In the case of Telefónica, OSIPTEL decided to adopt special rules providing for specific rules only for this company, which are more demanding than other operators, in order to provide users with more information on possible price increases for fixed Internet service (individually or on a package basis) and to facilitate the implementation of procedures such as migration. Suspension or termination. (ii) The IMEI code of the blocked mobile phone, omitting the last four digits. To consult the Ecuador IMEI from mobile phones arriving in Ecuador or knowing their origin to purchase them, the Telecommunications Regulatory and Control Agency has created an online tool available at (arcotel.gob.ec).

When the process is complete, return to the top link for Arcotel IMEI Ecuador Your Legal Cell Phone IMEI to check the ARCOTEL IMEI from your phone and view the updated status. Eh unlocked 2 phones NO PROBLEM! Excellent communication and quick response give!. I highly recommend it. Thank you very much! Will definitely be back. In Ecuador, at the Arcotel agency, your legal phone, you can check imei of the phone you want to consult, this way you can check if it has been stolen, stolen or lost. You must report the theft or loss of your mobile phone to your operating company via the Information and Support Service; or in person at authorized offices or customer service centres or outlets. One of the ways to check IMEI Ecuador is through ARCOTEL, which from its official website allows a system to check the IMEI of a terminal to verify that the mobile phone has not been stolen, lost or reported. Importers or distributors of mobile phones must also notify one of the companies responsible for the operation of the public mobile communications service, for which they must prove the legal origin of the acquisition of these mobile phones. How to block a new phone that doesn`t have a carrier chip installed? 1. Via the www.arcotel.gob.ec/homologacion link in the « YOUR LEGAL PHONE » option. 2. Directly via the tucelularlegal.arcotel.gob.ec-Link The participant must personally contact his operating company with the mobile phone and ask a question about the blocking of his device.

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