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I carried an Opinel knife to 60 Chambers Street of a New York courthouse. I told the officer that I had a knife that had passed security, he told me to check it. The official at the check-in counter goes a good Opinel knife, the right price lasts a long time. I retrieved the knife when I left the building. Opinel knives really don`t open, at least not mine, so it wouldn`t be considered a weapon from what I`ve read. Arizona does not ban knives. However, concealed carrying is only allowed for « pocket knives ». Just like in Florida, there is no legal definition in jurisdiction or law for « pocket knives. » Additional explanation: question, I know that the Balisong on the NYSL is not considered a gravimeter, but does that mean it is legal or illegal? And if it`s illegal, what about coach (Dull) Balisongs? Are they also illegal? What is actually legal to wear in New York for self-defense??? If you can`t prove self-defense, it seems just as easy to be convicted of a crime if you cut up your abuser. Is it legal to only own one knife, but not leave the house with it, because I`m confused. It is said that it is illegal to carry these knives, but this never says anything about owning them only in your home/property if you do not intend to leave them there.

Recently sued by the NYPD in Manhattan for « possession of a knife » and asked me if anyone could help me. The knife in question is less than three inches tall; a folding pocket knife. I thought an automatic knife would be allowed in New York if it was a curiosity or a collection of knives. In this case, you can carry an automatic knife as long as it is unique, and a few other unique knives are with you too. No? Criminal possession of a third-degree weapon, a felony, occurs when a person commits an offence under section 265.01 (Criminal possession of a weapon (4th degree) and has already been convicted of an offence. See § 265.02. It should be noted that pre-conviction reporting does not have to have been a violent crime and does not apply only to convictions handed down in New York. It is not inconceivable that the possession of a pocket knife with a healthy sliding joint; vivid circumstances; And a previous conviction for plastic straw or face mask could become a crime. Persons in New York State or federal military service, police and peace officers, participants in special events who have the permission of the Commissioner of Police, emergency physicians or paramedics who perform their duties, and members of a theatre group, a military group, an organization of veterans, Scouts, Girl Scouts or similar groups involved in an activity that normally requires the carrying of a knife, which everyone owns and carries.

Knives that would normally break the law. In general, and assuming there is no corresponding intention to use it illegally, it is legal to own a butterfly knife. Note, however, that definitions of what constitutes this type of « weapon » may vary, and if it is not compatible with the law, it may be illegal. Would it be legal to wear a Karambit Style 4 in a fixed blade on your person in New York for self-defense? If someone goes directly to an activity that requires a knife, such as hunting, camping, or picking, carrying a knife is allowed. In upstate New York, any knife can become a « dangerous knife » if there is an intent to illegally use the knife against another. In other words, a completely legal multi-tool can become illegal under the law if you intend to hurt someone with it. This led to muddled prosecutions where people were charged under the statue simply for owning a knife after declaring it was « for protection. » For example, People v. Richards, 869 N.Y.S. 2d 731, (2008). Even though the case was dismissed by the court, it is a situation we would prefer to avoid. If you are interested in more legal cases and explanations, read the article New York Knife Laws by the American Knife & Tool Institute. I own an outdoor knife « Ka-Bar Jarosz Turok ».

I bought it for camping and hiking to accomplish all the tasks I might need it for. Cutting wood, etc. I live in Queens NY. After reading this forum, I am happy to say that I am better informed about the legal aspects of owning knives. However, I have a question. Even though it is legal to own a knife like mine, do I still need legal documents, such as a permit, etc.? I see outdoor knives sold in sports stores all over New York, and I`ve even bought fishing knives as gifts.

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