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In Louisiana, bicycles are defined as vehicles. Louisiana has a law that criminalizes driving a motor vehicle, plane, personal watercraft, ship, or other conveyance while intoxicated. However, in 2000, in State v. Carr, 761 So.2d 1271 (2000), the Louisiana Supreme Court held that this law did not apply to a bicycle because the interpretation and intent of the law in its application to bicycles was ambiguous. The Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver`s Manual is a guide to road cycling and contains the state rules for bicycles on the road. For more resources, visit the PENNDOT Ride a Bike website. Because they are allowed and sometimes encouraged. Bicycles are legal vehicles and cyclists have the same rights as all other legal vehicles. Sometimes the safest path a cyclist can take is in the middle of the road. Motor vehicle drivers are required to pass cyclists at a safe distance of at least three (3) feet between the bicycle and the motor vehicle.

California does not currently offer Share the Road license plates. The California Department of Health is currently working to create a plaque that would provide grants to cyclist advocacy groups. You can pre-order a license plate here: The laws governing the use of bicycles in the State of California are generally found in the California Vehicle Code (Cal. Veh. Code), available here New Hampshire requires the driver of a vehicle, when approaching a cyclist, to ensure the safety and security of the cyclist and to exercise due diligence by leaving a reasonable and prudent distance between the vehicle and the bicycle. The distance must be considered reasonable and prudent if it is at least 3 feet if the vehicle is travelling at 30 miles per hour or less, requiring an additional foot of distance for every 10 miles per hour above 30 miles per hour. California specifically provides that it is illegal for anyone to ride a bicycle on a highway under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug. This offence is distinct from driving under the Influence Act with respect to motor vehicles. In Arizona, bicycles are not defined as vehicles.

Arizona`s law, which prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances, is written to apply to vehicles and therefore does not apply directly to cyclists. Nevertheless, bicycles must not be impaired and a cyclist can be charged with impaired driving, as cyclists are generally subject to vehicle obligations. New York requires the driver of a vehicle passing a bicycle travelling on the same side of the road from behind must move to a safe distance to the left of the bicycle until it is safely free. The Philadelphia Streets Department has resources on bicycle laws in Philadelphia and elsewhere in the state. In Kansas, bicycles are not defined as vehicles. Kansas` law prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances is written to apply to vehicles and therefore does not apply directly to cyclists. Colorado provides that no person may drive a vehicle other than a bicycle, electric bicycle or other human-powered vehicle on a sidewalk or sidewalk area except on a permanent or duly authorized temporary walkway. Bicycle lane barrier: No one is allowed to stop on a bike path or park a bicycle. CVC 21211 Alabama has been offering « I Share the Road » license plates since 2017.

Net proceeds from the program will be used by the Fairhope Cycling Project to promote, educate, and support Alabama communities in a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly manner. Source: COA §32-6-64 Connecticut has a law that allows Share the Road license plates, but they are not currently available on the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle website.

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