Automotive Legal and Ip World Summit

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14:00 Understanding the legal challenges arising from connected mobility services 09:00 Keynote address: Discover the latest changes and key updates to automotive standards and regulations across the EU and their impact on your legal strategy Join more than 120 attendees and 35 speakers to gain unprecedented insight into the world of automotive legal and intellectual property challenges with Companies like: Volvo, FCA, Aptiv, Robert Bosch, ZF, Ferrari, Faurecia, CNH, Visteon, Renault-Nissan, Scania, Toyota, AImotive, CLARIOS, Cummins, Hyundai and much, much more! The 2nd Annual Summit on Automotive Legal and Intellectual Property Law (March 26-27) in Frankfurt am Main is a unique event focused on the challenges facing the automotive value chain in intellectual and legal property services. With innovative speeches, interactive sessions and innovative solution providers, the summit is proving to be an important knowledge base and networking event for the entire automotive law community. 09:00 Keynote address: Planning a legal roadmap for the era of automotive electrification Join us and prepare for tomorrow`s legal challenges, access brand new solutions and connect with your colleagues. The Automotive Legal & IP World Summit 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the meeting place for the global community of law, intellectual property, patents, trademarks and trademarks. The exchange format has been specially designed to allow participants to get the latest innovations, advances and ideas in the most innovative, interactive and inspiring way. The conference covers all the key issues at the heart of intellectual property and provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in automotive and intellectual property law. 16:30 Understanding the legal issues arising from potential cybersecurity threats Electric and connected technologies are causing major disruption in the automotive world, and it is up to legal departments to maintain the current pace, accelerate and protect innovation, collaborate and manage intangible assets. 11:30 In-depth review of the main legal issues related to telematics, connectivity and new vehicle communication systems The Auto IP & Legal World Summit is a unique event with a strong heritage and a strict focus on the challenges facing the automotive industry in the legal and IP departments. Our platform provides a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of legal innovation, innovation protection, intellectual property collaboration, trademark and trademark protection, and legal strategies. 09:30 Round table: Identification of patenting possibilities for inventions from digital and networked technologies You can also return to the previous page or access the home page in French. 18:00 Networking Evenings Drinks & Dinner: Enjoy an unparalleled networking evening to relax and unwind in a relaxed setting. Enjoy the music, make new contacts and good food and drinks at the end of day 1.

The best way to end the day full of content and learning content. 17:00 Responsibility Management in the Supply Chain of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 11:00 Develop your IP strategy to gain an advantage in the market 14:00 World Café Sessions: World Café Sessions are thematic, predefined and moderated discussions that allow you to discover common problems, challenges and their solutions in 3 rounds of discussion. Participants choose one of the sessions/tables and the results are shared at the end of the discussions. Home Conferences 2nd Annual Automotive Legal & IP World Summit 12:00 Understanding patent pooling to advance your business. 11:00 The role of standards organizations in the digital present and the connected future You can go back to your previous page or go to the homepage in Chinese. 16:00 Building strong brand protection – a case study Contact us for more details and exclusive offers! T: +49 (0) 30 93 68 99 62E: More information is available on the event website. 10:00 Speed Networking: Fast, dynamic and fast 1-to-1 meetings. This session will help you meet other participants, exchange business cards and make new contacts. 15:00 How should OEMs handle product liability and litigation when using autonomous vehicles? Join us at the World Summit on Intellectual Property and Automotive Law to find out how we can support you throughout the intellectual property (IP) lifecycle, from concept to commercialization, so you can make strategic decisions quickly and confidently and maximize the value of your innovations. 09:30 Roundtable: Understanding the « culture clash » between OEMs and ICT companies to strengthen collaboration and innovation He joined ThyssenKrupp in 2011 and is Responsible for Intellectual Property and Services at group level (Head of Corporate Intellectual Property at ThyssenKrupp) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ThyssenKrupp Intellectual Property GmbH. He is 50 years old and the father of three sons.

You have successfully registered for this event. Thank you for your interest in the Automotive Legal & IP World Summit. Your data will be correctly sent to the organizer. 11:30 Understanding developments at the interface between equitable access to SEP and the rights of patent holders 17:00 Improving the detection of fraudulent claims with usage-based insurance. Partner Mauricio Uribe will deliver the keynote address on Day 2 entitled Licensing Models and Royalty Stacks: Standard Essential Patent Licensing for the Connected Vehicle Marketplace. Finnegan is a Gold Sponsor of the Automotive Legal & IP World Summit organized by Encom Global. Lionel Lavenue, partner of Finnegan, will participate in the round table entitled « Identifying patenting opportunities for inventions from digital and connected technologies ». The program takes place in Frankfurt am Main. 14:30 Cooperation on patents and intellectual property in the automotive industry Leonardo Royal Hotel Frankfurt Germany Mailänder Str.

1, 60598 Frankfurt am Main, È possibile tornare alla pagina precedenteo andare nella homepage in lingua italiana. 3rd Annual Global Summit on Automotive Law and Intellectual Property march 10-11, 2020 | Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Düsseldorf, Germany 16:30 Super-User Roundtables: Thematic roundtables moderated by key industry experts and market leaders.

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