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Many are unaware that foxes from fur-bearing animals are considered domesticated; However, they are not as domesticated as Russian domesticated foxes were raised experimentally as pets. « Wild » foxes are not legal, but domesticated foxes in Michigan are legal as long as you get a health certificate. Answer: Fenenc foxes are NOT legal in California, nor are other foxes. I can`t bring a turtle or turtle to Canada legally, but I can legally sell one in Canada. Burmese pythons are illegal in many states due to their size (15-20 feet), but are not listed as illegal here (3.17/4/b/2/AA). In fact, Rhode Island law specifically allows most species of boas and pythons. Can I legally buy a raccoon and import it into Tennessee? The usual suspects are all unreasonably banned in this state without authorization. To obtain such approval, many rules apply, such as the implementation of a tracking device, the maintenance of insurance, the payment of fees (usually between $50 and $100) and the conduct of inspections. However, skunks are legal as long as they are bred in captivity. Skunkhaven recommends that you keep your receipt to prove that your skunk is not caught in the wild. Some imported birds must have legal import documents, which then prevents them from applying for a license, including: Are hedgehogs, pythons, chinchillas, turtles, cockatoos, ferrets, skunks, chameleons, capybaras, or pigs legal to own in Washington State? FALSE. You can own a Bobcat in Tennessee. I know a reputable USDA breeder who can legally sell them.

Where is it legal to own a wallaby? Is it legal in New Jersey? Washkanes are illegal in most states because they are rabies, but Kentucky is one of the exceptions. However, raccoons cannot be imported beyond the borders of the state, so the animal must come from the state. I`m going to move to Massachusetts soon and I checked if it would be legal to keep my wine snake, it turns out it isn`t. ALL monitor lizards are also illegal, I don`t have any, but I was hoping to get a savannah monitor some time after my move, but I think that`s out of the question. I could keep an emu and a bouquet, but no monitor lizard, that makes sense, right? Do any of you live in states with ridiculous animal laws? I own 2 guinea pigs. I really hope they never become illegal! If an animal is not banned or requires a permit, it can be kept as a pet. However, no one can own more than 6 animals of any kind and no more than 25 wild animals without game at any given time. Coatis bred in captivity can be kept as pets, but proof of legal acquisition is required. No permits are required in any county west of the Pecos River with a population of less than 25,000. Splashstorm foxes, ringed tails, deer, bats, native opossums, raccoons, skunks, African claw frogs, and bobcats are not legal in North Carolina. Can anyone tell me if prairie dogs are legal in Illinois? I want one that all cervidae in Illinois seem to have legally, with only entry permits and health screenings required to import them into the state because they are considered livestock.

It appears that Illinois` Dangerous Animals Act (720 ILCS 585/), which details animal possession offenses, has been repealed by PA 97-1108. So what you can and can`t own there (or at least what you`ll get into trouble if you own it) is a little more convoluted. Permits are required to import legal pets listed in section 4-71-6.5 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules. These animals are subject to quarantine rules before being legally distributed to their owners. Legal animals are listed and all others are prohibited. The Alaska State Legislature kindly explains which animals you can and cannot own. You will find that 5 AAFC 92.029. Section c explicitly does not allow chimpanzees. Luckily, you can still own a reindeer (as long as it`s not wild), a humpback camel, a toucan, or a moose – and you don`t even need a permit for that! All bears appear to be legal under Wyoming`s Exotic Animal Code, with the exception of grizzly bears and black bears. Mountain lions are also called legal, while other big cats do not. Connecticut`s bans are also extensive and ridiculous.

It is difficult to obtain an exemption as a licensed exhibitor or educational institution. Almost all interesting exotic animals are prohibited, including hybrids such as a greyhound or a savannah cat. While the text may be ambiguous, the Connecticut state code states that people without a game breeder`s license cannot own more than one of the following (meaning you can legally own one of them): a partridge (optional pear tree), otter, beaver, or raccoon. Patagonian Mara are large rodents that resemble deer. I heard from an acquaintance in the area that Ackies are the only legal monitor pets in the MA. It seems a bit random to me – there are other monitors that are just a little bigger – but there you go. (um, don`t take my word for it either, that`s just what I heard.) The reason? These animals have the potential to become an invasive species out of control in the island`s climate, just like the ever-legal domesticated cat that people are even allowed to roam freely. When it comes to banning pets due to environmental concerns, an animal`s popularity can negate any damage caused by these species. You may have heard someone say that exotic animals or so-called « wild animals » are illegal to own as pets, but that`s like saying it`s illegal to hunt animals – that`s not entirely true. We know, of course, that it depends on which animal you`re talking about (and when). Some animals require special permits for hunting, and these rules vary from state to state. Exotic animal laws are similar in that you may need a license to own them, and the rules vary from state to state.

The fact is that no state technically bans all animals that fall under the exotic or even « wild » name. With the exception of Hawaii, a group of small islands that have an exceptionally delicate ecosystem, all states allow high numbers of reptiles and birds. But when most people assume that « exotic » pets are illegal, they often think of mammals, and then the restrictions start to flow. After an unstable man (not Federer, the man mentioned below) released several exotic animals, Ohio went from an extremely lenient exotic animal state to a much more restrictive state. Federer, a man who owned a Bobcat, argued that his Bobcat was literally a house coat in Federer vs.

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