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With respect to the rules of procedure of Congress in its proceedings, legislative inquiries and impeachment, although these rules could generally be considered political matters when considered by a court in an appropriate case, they would still be subject to judicial review under Article VIII, paragraph 2, of the Constitution. empowering them to review and annul any act of a branch or instrument of Government which may be vitiated by a serious misuse of power equivalent to a lack or excess of competence. When Ariston arrived at the police station, he saw the mayor of the city, whom he approached and asked if they could speak privately. The mayor drove Ariston to his office, and while talking to the mayor there, Ariston collapsed, admitting that he had raped and killed the student. The mayor then opened the door to the room to allow the public and media to witness Ariston`s confession. In the presence of the mayor, the police and the media, and in response to questions from some media representatives, Ariston sadly confessed his guilt and asked for forgiveness for his actions. In 2009, Agripina submitted its certificate as a candidate to Congress for the 2010 elections. Agripina`s political rivals wasted no time in initiating the submission of various actions to challenge his candidacy. They questioned his ability to run for congress.

Since Agripina had to take an oath under RA No. 9225, this meant that she had to perform an act to perfect her Filipino citizenship. Note: The proposed answers simulate those expected by a bar examiner during a bar exam. Therefore, for the applicable law or rule in the ARAC model, only the general legal basis is given (e.g. 1987 Constitution, Civil Code, Labour Code, Courts Code, Jurisprudence, etc.). Finally, it is not necessary for specific provisions or citations (e.g., article, section, rule, case title, etc.) to be presented for the bar exam. If you want to check the specific provisions/quotes, search on our website for the appropriate topic with the keywords mentioned in the suggested answers. Suggested answers are suggested answers to the questions on the bar exam.

The goal is to provide students with a framework for answering a bar exam question. Essay questions, in particular, may have more than one answer, depending on the understanding of the problem, the legal analysis, and the laws/rules/jurisprudence used to formulate the answer. Comelec regarded Alejandro`s petition as an intra-party dispute that it could resolve as an incident of its power to register political parties; it continued to maintain the expulsion. Five foreigners came to the NAIA from Hong Kong. After collecting their checked baggage, they put all their luggage in a wheelbarrow and went to expressway 5. They were asked to place their luggage on the examiner`s table for inspection. The examiner found brown boxes, similar in size to powdered milk cans, under the clothes in the pockets of strangers. The examiner found white crystalline substances in the boxes that were inspected and proceeded to package all the boxes by placing masking tape around them. He then handed over the boxes to the Customs Officers` Office. The officers called the names of the foreigners one by one and ordered them to sign their names on the masking tape attached to the boxes retrieved from their respective pockets. The contents of the boxes were then subjected to tests that confirmed that the substance was shabu.

His confession to the media can also be justifiably admitted. The confession was made in response to questions from journalists, not the police or any other investigator. Statements made spontaneously by suspects to journalists in television interviews are considered voluntary and admissible as evidence (People v. Andan, G.R. No. 116437, 3 March 1997). On the recommendation of its Legal Service, comelec en banc, motu proprio adopted two resolutions granting petitions against Anselmo and Ambrosio. Article VIII, Section 5[5] of the Constitution clearly states that « the rules of procedure of special courts and quasi-judicial bodies shall remain in force unless rejected by the Supreme Court »; therefore, it is clear that the Supreme Court can review and overturn the rules of procedure of the sandiganbayan and the Constitutional Commission.

Congress passed a bill to give Filipinos, especially the poor and marginalized, access and information on a range of modern methods of family planning, including contraceptives, intrauterine devices, injectors, non-abortive hormonal contraceptives, and family planning products and accessories, but explicitly banned abortion. To achieve its goals, the law required health care providers to provide information on the full range of modern family planning methods, deliveries and services, that schools provide reproductive health education, that non-governmental physicians provide mandatory 48-hour pro bono reproductive health services as a condition of philhealth accreditation, and that couples who wish to marry must provide before issuing a Marriage License to participate in a family planning seminar. It also punishes certain acts that refuse to fulfill its mandate. The Aguiluz couple, both Roman Catholics, filed a petition to declare the law unconstitutional, including for the following reasons: In 2008, Agripina retired and returned to the Philippines to live permanently in her hometown of Angeles, Pampanga. A month after returning to the Philippines, Agripina took an oath of allegiance and made an affidavit to renounce his Canadian citizenship under RA No. 9225. Andres, a resident and registered voter of the municipality of Cuatro, ran and was elected a member of Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Amaya in the municipal elections of 2010 and 2013.

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